A curious start…

….of what will be a promise….

Leon gathers residues of candles. At about 20 percent of your beautiful candle is thrown away, the wax itself however is still good, why not reuse it?

Collecting all these residues, Leon divides them by colour. People can bring in residues and get discount per gramme of a new candle they buy.

But you do not only buy a new candle. You buy a better world. You buy art. You buy love. You buy a new light for this world.

Please support Leon in his ideas: donate your candle residues to be recreated and/or buy a new candle that fits your mood or dreams. Send him an email to find out where he collects the candle residue donations or to find out where the next sale of candles will take place.

We hope to be able to share our passion with you, get in contact!

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